Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating with Jim’s family in Austin, Texas. I couldn’t be more excited to have some time off work to spend with my family. My plan was to write a post about everything, or at least some things (because you could never think of everything at one time!), that I am thankful for, but I’m being led another way.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t just be something we concentrate on one day, or one month out of the whole year. Jim and I have vocalized that we want gratitude to be focused on and emphasized in our family and in our lives individually. Every. Day.

Don’t hear me negate the celebration of Thanksgiving. I am not trying to come across as someone who is “holier than thou.” Gratitude and thankfulness have not always been so important to me. In fact, I have been re-reading some old blog posts, ones written in around 2009, that are dripping with discontentment and ungratefulness. It was ugly and uncomfortable to read, even shameful and embarrassing.

I have much to be thankful for: honestly, as a child of God, the very fact that he let me live and breathe today is a grace I don’t deserve. For me, to be ungrateful for anything or to not be aware of what I have to be thankful for is a place I don’t want me or my family to be.

So, celebrate today all that you have to be thankful for. Voice it, even, if that is something you have never done. But, take that gratefulness with you into December and into 2014. I can promise you that gratefulness and contentment as a way of life, in easy times and hard ones, can drastically change your perspective.

Blog Life {Past + Present}

It’s 10:30 ¬†at night and I should be trying to go to sleep. Instead, I’m backing up blog posts onto a word document to have printed. It’s been so fun reading my old blogs. I can’t wait to have them binded in a book so I can look back at them. The pregnancy posts + Jacob’s first two years of life I want to have done in an actual book (like something from Shutterfly) but that will be a project on down the line.

There have been seasons of blogging where I felt like I was writing down things no one cared about- and it’s probably true that no one did care about them (like a play by play of my morning or all the things I did on various weekends), but I’m so glad I have them to read now. So, no matter how boring or unimportant I think something is, I’m still going to write it. Because I might care in 5 years- and if I still don’t then, I can always delete it (like I have been doing as I’ve combed through 2008-2010).


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